22 December 2012

A Wonderful Gift

Today I received a nice surprise. It was a note from my friend Javier Camarena that included a You Tube Video that he made that is an audio visual description of some of the delightful traditions of Christmas here in Mexico. His note reads as follows:

Dear Bob,  I have been reading your blog constantly and I`m impressed  with your writhing  and your research, I didn’t  want to pass the opportunity to wish you end Gina a  Merry Christmas, so I`m sending you a “Tarjeta Navideña” that I made with Villancicos that I remember from my youth and images that make me remember my Childhood in Irapuato, I sincerely hope you like it. Again Feliz Navidad y Venturoso Año Nuevo 2013 to you and your Family. Javier Camarena


Please visit "The blog of Javier Camarena" which is written in Spanish and dedicated to the town of Irapuato.

Thank you Javier and may the Lord grant me my wish that you and your family have a very blessed Christmas and that the New Year brings you peace, prosperity, harmony and joy. Amen!


Shannon said...

That was lovely! Thank you for sharing the video Bob. I will read his blog as well.

Leslie Harris said...

A beautiful gift indeed! :) I hope you and Gina had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Bob Mrotek said...

Shannon, you are very welcome. Happy New Year!

Leslie, we had a very happy holiday season which really doesn't end here in Mexico until February 2nd as you know. So, let me ask you. Are you bringing the tamales? In any case we hope you have a wonderful 2013 and beyond...

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