25 September 2011

Good News from Googley

Here in Mexico many people still pronounce the word "Google" like they would if it was a Spanish word and it sounds something like "GOOG-leh" or "GOOG-lay". No matter how you pronounce it though, the people from Google continue to amaze me. I was having trouble with my Firefox web browser and I had heard that the Google browser named "Chrome" is much more stable and even faster. I downloaded Google Chrome browser and installed it with no problem and found that it is similar to Firefox and that I could even import my Firefox bookmarks very easily. Not only that but there are plug-ins and add-ons available just like with Firefox.

"So what?" you might ask. Well, I'll tell you. I noticed that in the Google search engine in the Chrome browser there is a little microphone icon. If you hook up a microphone to your computer or if you already have one you can click on the microphone icon and then speak into your microphone and enunciate whatever you are looking for. In a flash it will provide the links just as if you had typed in the search parameter with your fingers. It works so well that it is scary. I played around with it and you can even use it as a calculator. For example, to convert 72 degrees Fahrenheit into degrees Centigrade all you have to do is click on the microphone and say "72 F in C" and it will return 22.2222222 Degrees Centigrade. Suppose that you want to know how many kilometers there are in 5.4 miles. Just "click" and say "5.4 miles in kilometers" and it will automatically return "5.4 miles = 8.6904576 kilometers". There is a whole host of mathematical functions that it will perform in response to your voice commands.

Now, here is something for students of Spanish. If you go to "Google Translate" in the Chrome browser you can speak the English sentence that you want to have translated into Spanish and it will return the Spanish translation. For example, if you click on the icon and say "I am going to the store" it will immediately return "Voy a la tienda" and then if you want to hear it in Spanish you just click on the little speaker icon and a pleasant voice will repeat the phrase so that you can hear how the words are pronounced.

While I was at my local Walmart stocking up on supplies from China I found a stand-alone microphone that is used for conference calls for 54 pesos or about $3.87 U.S. I just plugged it into the computer and it sits on the desk and it will pick up a voice from anywhere in the immediate vicinity without having to speak into it directly. Now I just tell Google what I need and it is delivered to me as if I were a king. Hey! I am a king! So then why doesn't somebody king me?


Barb said...

Well, isn't that slick!

Brenda Maas said...

Thanks Bob. I have been using Google Chrome as my main browser for several years now; but I never noticed that feature before. It works pretty slick as long as you talk slowly and clearly.
I learn something new everyday.

Ron said...

I use Google stuff as little as possible. They do not respect privacy rights or copyright laws.

They are being investigated by many governments in North America and Europe.

I do not trust them, it is that simple

Barb said...

Ron, I have the same aversion to Facebook.

C and G Taylor said...

I am totally 'pressed! I used Chrome on a computer I recently replaced and haven't yet installed it on my new one. Perhaps I will!

bordersaside said...

HEY BOB! LONG TIME NO READ hahah. Iv been a bit out of commission with lots of changes.

I LOVE Chrome, its so great, we have it at home and when Im at work on the old computer with rotting explorer I feel like Im going to loose my mind. I havent tried the voice thing but it sounds really cool.

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