06 March 2011

Advice from the past...

I picked this up from the blog of my favorite artist, James Gurney, the author of the Dinotopia books and "Color and Light". It is about advice coming to us through time and space (and You Tube) from philosopher Bertrand Russel, whom I consider to be one of the smartest and best educated people of modern times. In 1959, Bertrand Russell had two pieces of advice for the future: In intellectual pursuits, pay attention to the facts. In moral matters, consider that love is wise and that hatred is foolish. For me, watching his face and hearing his voice from beyond the grave was a profound experience and I highly recommend this intellectual food for thought. I don't know how anyone other than Bertrand Russel could have said it better.


1st Mate said...

Thanks, Bob, for locating and sharing BT's remarks. They gave me a lot to ponder.

Anonymous said...

Russell was too "intellectual" for his own good. He could "find no practical evidence for the existence of God".
Surely, Mr. Mrotek, there are many who have better to say about intellectual persuit and moral matters.

Bob Mrotek said...

Well, Mr. Anonymous, far be from me to sit in judgment of Mr. Russel. I'll leave that up to the anonymous God that he had trouble finding. I hope that they are now good friends. By the way, don't you at least have a first name to differentiate you from your anonymous brothers and sisters :)

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