12 March 2009

Dialog - The Movies

Oye cariño, hace mucho tiempo no fuimos al cine y hay una película nueva estrenando esta semana. Mi hermana ya la vio y ella estuvo encantada.
Hey Sweetheart, we haven't been to the movies in a long time and there is a new film coming out this week. My sister says that she has already seen it and she was delighted.

¿A poco? ¿Cómo se llama la película?
Really? What is the name of the film?

Se llama “El Pie del Rey” y las estrellas son Xavier Fulano y Maria Zutano.
It is called “The Foot of the King” and the stars are Xavier Fulano and Maria Zutano.

Suena muy interesante. ¿Quién es el director?
Sounds very interesting. Who is the director?

El director es Alfredo Mengano.
The director is Alfredo Mengano.

Muy bien. Una película con Fulano, Zutano, y Mengano debería ser fantástico.
Very good. A film with Fulano, Zutano, y Mengano should be fantastic.

Pues...entonces vámanos. ¿Me vas a comprar palomitas y un refresco?
Well...let's go then. Are you going to buy me popcorn and a soda?

Por supuesto mi amor, como siempre.
Well of course, my love, just like always.

There is an added bonus in this dialog. Note the play on words. The title of the movie is “El Pie del Rey” or The Foot of the King”. A “pie de rey” is also a measuring device that is called a “vernier caliper” in English. Also, the surnames of the actors and director are “Fulano, Zutano, y Mengano”. These names are the Spanish version of “Tom, Dick, and Harry”. Also, I called one of the actors “Xavier Fulano”. Many people, including myself refer to “X. Fulano” (Eckees Fulano) when they are talking about someone in a rather off hand manner and can’t remember or don’t know his name. It also works in the feminine with “X. Fulana” (Eckees Fulana) or “Fulana de tal” meaning “Fulana so and so”. There are several other names that are sometimes used in the same manner as “Fulano, Zutano, y Mengano”. They are “Peringano, Meringano y Sultano. There is another name that you may hear but you really shouldn't use except perhaps in a joke. The name Sancho is used to denote a man who is sleeping with another man's wife. Sancho is the guy who comes around when the man of the house is away and takes advantage of the situation.


GlorV1 said...

I didn't know "palomitas" was popcorn. I learned something new again and from you Mr. Bob. I usually just buy the movies when they are on cd. We may not see the movies when they come out but eventually we do. I do make popcorn and we have soda as well. Thx bob, that was fun. Take care.

Alice said...

I'll try out X. Fulano sometime. How would Sancho be used in a joke?

Calypso said...

Such a clever guy!

YayaOrchid said...

You certainly are well versed in the 'intricacies' of Spanish dialogue Mr Bob!

Tancho said...

If only this old brain could remember a portion of your scrip, I would be ecstatic!
Keep on writing, some of it will hopefully stick and I will surprise the hell out of someone!

What was I talking about?

Bob Mrotek said...

This really isn't a good place to tell Sancho jokes but I will give you a tidbit of "inside info" that my friend Memo in SMA reminded me about. Whenever a group of guys are together and one of them starts sneezing the rest will shout SANCHO! The third sneeze is a sign that at that moment Sancho is making love to their wife :)

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