21 February 2009

Dialog - Adam & Eve

La historia de Adán y Eva.
The story of Adam y Eve.

Como todos sabemos de la costilla de Adán, Dios formo a Eva, para que Adán no estuviera solo en el Paraíso y tuviera una compañera.
Like we all know God made Eve from the rib of Adam so that Adam wouldn't be alone in Paradise and would have a female companion.

Pero...si Eva fuera una Mexicana esto pudiera suceder:
But...if Eve were a Mexican woman this is what could have happened:

Era un día hermoso en el Paraìso Terrenal cuando Adán dijo:
It was a beautiful day in Earthly Paradise when Adam said:

“Eva, voy a dar una vuelta por el Paraíso porque el día esta muy bonito, esta soleado muy lleno de flores y los pajaritos están cantando. Voy y vengo. No me tardo.”
Eve, I am going to take a little walk around Paradise because it is a beautiful day, it is sunny and full of flowers and the birds are singing. I´ll go and come right back. I won't be long.

Eva se quedo en casa, para preparar una rica comida y resulta...¿que? Pasa un ratito y otro ratito y otro ratito y un ratote y Adán no regresa.
Eva stayed in the house to prepare a nice meal and what happens? A little while passes and then another while passes and then a long time passes and Adam doesn't return.

Eva se para en la puerta de su casa y se asoma cada rato para ver si Adán regresa y no pasa nada.
Eva stops in the doorway and looks around every little while to see if Adam is returning and nothing happens.

Después de tres horas aproximadamente Adán regresa y Eva esta muy enojada por la tardanza y él un poco apenado.
After approximately three hours Adam returns and Eve is very upset at his tardiness and he is a bit sheepish.

Adán le dice a Eva, “Cariño disculpa la tardanza, pero me perdí.”
Adam says to Eve, “Excuse my tardiness Dear but I got lost”.

“¿Cómo que te perdiste? ¡A mí no me salgas con tu cuento chino! Dime Adán, ¿donde estuviste todo este tiempo? ¿Crees que soy tonta? Yo aquí preparándote una rica comida con tus verduras preferidas y tú bien gracias... ¡ Jum !”
How could you get lost? Don't give me that phony excuse! Do you think I am a fool? Tell me Adam, where were you all of this time? Here I am cooking a nice meal with your favorite vegetables and you you don't care...¡Ooooo!

"Eva mi amor, te pido perdón."
Eve, my love, I ask you to forgive me.

"Ven acá Adán primero hombre y déjeme contar tus costillas..."
Come here Adam first man and let me count your ribs...

The above story reminds me of a little song my Ma used to sing:

"Young folks, old folks, everybody come.
Come to our Sunday school and teach yourself to hum.

Please park your chewing gum and your pistols at the door,

And we'll teach you Bible stories that you never heard before.

The Earth was built in six days and finished on the seventh,

According to the contract it should have been the eleventh,
But the carpenters struck
and the workmen wouldn't work,
So all they could do was to fill it up with dirt.

Adam was the first man and Eve was his wife.

They lived in the garden and they lived a pleasant life,

But Adam lost his position and they could no longer remain,

So they move out to the suburbs and they started raising Cain.

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