20 November 2008

Happy Birthday Mickey

The other day I heard one of the political pundits on television say that by 2016 the "Baby Boom" generation will start fading from the political scene and become more or less irrelevant. Hey wait a minute! I am a Baby Boomer and I am still a young man...sort of. How could I fade from the picture and become irrelevant so soon? Then I realized that by then I would be approaching my allotted relevancy period of "three score years and ten". I also read that Mickey Mouse just had his 80th birthday this past November 18th. Oh, no Mickey. Not you! Hey, if Mickey can still be going strong at 80 then there is hope for me and you too. I like that word "hope".

Here is Mickey in "Steam Boat Willie", his first animation with sound in 1928 and here is hoping for many happy returns for all of us...you, me, and Mickey.


Bob Mrotek said...

This is a test. Can you see this Gloria?

Steve Cotton said...

I don't know about you, Bob, but there is something alarming about the very name: "steam boat willie."

YayaOrchid said...

Bob, this post popped up in a window like they normally do. Am I missing something?

GlorV1 said...

Hi Bob. I see you got some comments, lets see if mine works.

GlorV1 said...

Great you went back to normal. Way to go Bob.
I stopped by early on and just wanted to say that Mickey's Steamboat is the best. He's so funny. Thx for sharing and happy soon to be birthday for Mickey.

Bob Mrotek said...

The thing that alarmed me was how violent it is. Take another look at how the characters treat each other.

Yaya, there is a new feature in blogger that lets you put the comment window below the comments without anything popping up. I tried it but it doesn't seem to work yet so I put everything back the way it was. I am still waiting for Gloria to check in :)

Tancho said...

Where's Felix the Cat when you need him?
I don't know about you Bob, but the characters like Mickey, Felix, Tom and Jerry looked a hell of a lot better than the computer generated stuff they do now, or is it my old age just making me prejudiced?

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