28 October 2008

Tradiciones y Costumbres – 001

My wife Gina thought it would be nice to write some short pieces about Mexican traditions and customs and I welcomed the idea. Not only will it allow her to participate with me in this blog but also provide some practice material for reading in Spanish. In addition, I will give the English translation. In this piece she writes about getting ready for both Halloween and “El Día de los Muertos” and about a cute little song that the preschoolers are learning:

En nuestra casa estamos preparando nuestro altar para el Día de Los Muertos por una parte y preparando para la fiesta de Halloween por otra parte. Durante el mes de Octubre hemos preparado gelatinas artísticas con colores de la temporada y arañas de goma de adorno. Estamos felices al preparar y comprar todo para nuestras fiestas. Los niños están muy emocionados de saber de que se van a disfrazar. A nuestro pequeño nieto de dos años, once meses, su maestra de preescolar le enseñó la siguiente canción:

“Caminando en Guanajuato una momia me encontré
Como no sabía su nombre, Pedro le llamé

Ay, Ay, Pedro ¿porqué estás tan feo?

Ay, Ay Pedro, ¿porqué estás tan feo?

Y así por cada miembro del grupo se canta la canción poniendo el nombre de cada uno.

La historia continúa...

In our house we are preparing our altar for the Day of the Dead on one hand and for Halloween on the other. During the month of October we have made artistic gelatin molds with the colors of the season and decorated them with gummy candy spiders. We are happy to prepare and purchase everything for our celebrations. The children are very excited to find out what disguise they will wear. Our grandson of two years and eleven months is being taught a cute little song by his preschool teacher:

Walking around in Guanajuato I encountered a Mummy

Since I didn’t know his name I called him Pedro

Oh, oh, Pedro. Why are you so ugly?
Oh, oh Pedro. Why are you so ugly?

And so it goes for every member of the group, singing the song and using the name of each one in turn.

To be continued...

Note: We live near the city of Guanajuato in the state that is also called Guanajuato. The city of Guanajuato is famous for its collection of mummies. The song is about walking in Guanajuato and meeting a “calaca” (humorous term for dead person) in the form of a mummy. It is a silly song but that is what it is supposed to be and the kids have lots of fun.

The photo below shows a cantaloupe melon (muskmelon) which here is called a Chinese melon or “melón chino”. In the center of the melon half there is gelatin and on top of the gelatin there is a gummy candy spider and his web is also made from gummy candy. This is typical of the surprises that I get in my lunch all the time depending upon the season and what crazy ideas Gina is cooking up.


GlorV1 said...

Oh I think it is great that your wife Gina will be sharing in your blog. Just as she writes about the preparation for el Dia de Los Muerto, I feel good because I too am in the process of that. My very first time and I feel great about it. That musk melon looks great. I love the song. Great post.

YayaOrchid said...

Your wife is certainly creative and talented Bob! It's great that she shows an interest in your writing. :)
I know that annual celebration is big in Mexico. It actually goes on for two days, Nov 1 and Nov 2. One day is for deceased adults and the other is for children who have passed on.

Bob Mrotek said...

I took a look at your ofrenda today. Really, really nice. I am sure that it gave you a special comfort in making it.

I don't think Gina and I are anywhere near as talented as you and Gloria. You two are our leaders :)

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