10 July 2008

Climbing Iztaccihuatl

Gary Dennessis a British expatriate living and working in Mexico City and teaching Business English to Mexican students at their place of work. He has been in Mexico since May 2005, and loves the country, the food and the people. He is trying to raise some money for a cause that he believes in called "Wildcoast" which is a US based charity that helps to protect and revitalize coastal areas of the US and Latin America, and the wildlife found there. They have a particularly strong campaign to help sea turtles. Wildcoast protects and preserves coastal ecosystems and wildlife in the Californias and Latin America by building grassroots support, conducting media campaigns and establishing protected areas. To promote the cause and raise some money for them he intends to climb Iztaccihuatl, the third highest mountain peak in Mexico at 17,126 feet. He is looking for someone with experience to make the climb with him. Even if you aren't a climber you may be interested in following his adventures. I am an arm chair mountain climber myself. That is about the only way they are going to get me up a mountain...by carrying me up in my armchair. Here is the link: Climbing Izta 2008

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Gary Denness said...

Muchas gracias bud!

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