19 June 2018

Please do the right thing.

Why does God allow bad things to happen? Why does He let tyrants rule? Read the fine print in His book about "being righteous." Righteous means knowing right from wrong and choosing to do the thing that is morally right and virtuous. What has been happening in this world? Wars are being started and fought for hegemony, prestige, and material gain. Iniquities and abominations of all kinds abound. Even little children are being torn from their mother's arms by complete strangers under the false authority of "the law" without discretion, empathy, or compassion. "But look," you say, "The law is the law and we are only human." Oh, are you sure about that? We, who claim to be good Christians, are we true children of God, or merely creatures of God and are twisting His Word to bolster our aims. Think about it, and then call on Him, and He will answer you from that point in your heart that we call a conscience. You can't escape him and you already know what He will say. But...believe it or not! You do have a choice and know that there are consequences. Please do the right thing.


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