29 June 2018

Lest you be sorry

My days are fading like an echo and 
I am nothing more than a lingering shadow. 
Death will come like a gust of wind and 
My candle will flicker, sputter, and die. 
My good intentions will follow me to the grave 
And lie down beside me, dust to to dust. 
Decay will eat my flesh and bones and 
Nothing will be left except buttons, zippers,
And a few seeds I have planted in others 
Who will carry on, by the grace of God, 
The work that I have sadly left undone.
Make peace with God now lest you be sorry.
Listen to your conscience for His instructions.
Humble yourself before Him. Hear His Word 
And banish sin from your repertoire.
Consider desires of the flesh as worthless. 
Let the will of God be your treasure. 
Look to heaven for help. Pray continuously. 
God walks the heavens on the rim of the sky. 
He will answer your prayers and light your path 
If you believe in Him and you repent.


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