20 November 2020

When will that be?

Some people have asked me with incredulity and scorn;
"Do you really believe that Jesus will come again?"
My answer is, "There is no doubt in my mind!"
They ask "Pray tell, and when will that be?"
I say that perhaps the time has not yet come,
Or perhaps He already goes among us unrecognized,
But He will assuredly appear again as He has promised,
And teach mankind how to live in unity and peace.
The Good Shepherd will gather His sheep At the borderline,
Between belief and unbelief in God the Father Almighty,
And reward all those who believe with eternal life.
He will chastise those who played at being Christian
For the sake of tradition but with empty minds and hearts,
Void of sympathy, empathy, compassion, and action.
Where is His church; in Rome, Jerusalem, or Istanbul?
It is in the hearts of those who love their neighbors, and
Willingly make sacrifices for the sake of others, regardless
Of what language they speak or the color of their skin.
Blessed be those of whom the Lord spoke;
"I know My sheep and My sheep know Me."
They recognize each other and share the same heart,
Brothers and sisters, the children of a Heavenly Father.
Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord! 


11 November 2020

One more day...

 As I trot along the road of remorse,
To the place where I drifted astray,
I realize from the length of the journey,
That I've come back from far away, and that,
God never did abandon me, even for a day.
When I open my eyes each morning,
I am blessed by the morning light,
Thank you Lord for one more day,
And hopefully one more night.


20 October 2020

Take Heed!

Oh Pilgrim, take heed, and expand your heart
For the Lord cannot live in a narrow space.
Expand your heart so that it can contain Him
Whom the whole universe cannot contain.
Make large your heart so that you may be worthy
To host God as your guest, and not just for a day
But for the rest of your life and forever after.
Prepare your heart as best you can and ask
The Lord to help you according to His will.
The work of His Holy Spirit is in us and with us
And our gain in righteousness will be His glory. 
Every moment is another opportunity to be saved.
So don't lose heart. Though our outer self is
Wasting away, our soul is renewed day by day
As we call upon God to abide in us and we in Him.
(Hugh of St. Victor 1096-1141) 


10 October 2020

Waiting for the Sound of the Trumpet

Glory be to God in the Highest!
Glory be to the Word of God!
Glory be to His Holy Spirit!
I praise You Father Almighty;
I praise Your Holy Name.
I knock upon Your door.
Please bid me enter in the Name of
Your Word, our Lord Jesus Christ.
For I am a weary traveler
Searching for a place to rest,
Where I can take my ease,
And let my worries cease.
Pax et Bonum ad Majorem Dei Gloria.
Peace and Goodness for the Greater Glory of God.
Oh Lord, when my time on Earth expires,
Bring me to Thee on the wings of an angel.
I stand at the foot of the mountain,
And wait for the sound of the trumpet.


30 September 2020

Heaven help me...

 I, Wisdom, am the Word of sound judgement,

And the source of clear thinking.

The Father gave birth to me in the beginning,

Before the first acts of Creation.

I am present from everlasting to everlasting,

From even before the Universe began. 

Those of you who find me, find life,

And earn the favor of God Almighty,

The Father of all things created.

For the Gospel of Truth is a joy

To those who recieve grace from the Father,

That they know Him through His Son.

When someone cries out "Heaven help me,"

In a weary but sincere attempt at faith,

I will be there to show them the way,

And to quell their anxiety and fear, 

By the grace and the comfort of the Holy Spirit.

I am Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Call me!


20 August 2020

"It is what it is!"

God gave us a blank book at birth with snow white pages.
We are the author of our lives and He is the publisher.
The ink with which we write is our blood and sweat.
Our story is littered with the doodles of daydreams.
The pages are smudged with errors and water marked by tears.
Nothing can be erased and our mistakes are left as they are.
There can be no rewrites or do-overs to cover our shame.
At the end of the book no pages can be removed or added.
When your story is finished..."It is what it is!"
This will be your permanent record. Write carefully.
You are in the mist between sleep and waking.
Essence is not nourished with food and sleep.
You try to accomplish things, to reach goals.
If you put the whole world in your stomach of ambition,
It will never, ever, be enough to satisfy you.
Assume that you now have everything you always wanted.
What is the point? At any moment you may drop dead.
Even if your life lasts another ten years or more.
That is nothing compared to an eternity of heavenly bliss.
Wake up to the Way, the Truth, and Life eternal.
The table is already set for you. Ask God for directions.

25 May 2020

Long live camaraderie!

The apostles lived in the spirit of camaraderie,
In such a way that they shared one heart and soul.
Camaraderie is to perform acts of kindness together,
To discuss and solve problems without animosity,
To practice tolerance, humility, and patience,
To teach and learn something from one another,
To care for each other and long for those absent,
To welcome each other with joy upon arrival,
And to part from each other with a blessing.
Let all good people, now join in our song,
Long live camaraderie!
Success to each other, and pass it along,
Long live camaraderie!
¡Viva, viva, viva el amor!
¡Viva, viva, viva el amor!
¡Viva  amor! ¡Viva  amor!
!Viva la camaradería!
Long live love! Long live love!
Long live camaraderie! 


20 May 2020

What comes next?

Watchman, watchman, how goes the night?
Morning comes, and then the light.
So tell me watchman, what comes next?
Night comes again and then the reckoning.
The past meets the future with every heartbeat.
Be thou ready when thy time comes.
Don't be caught without thy lamp.
"Again Jesus spoke to them, saying,
'I am the light of the world.
Who follows me will not walk in darkness,
But will have the light of life.' " (John 8:12)


12 May 2020

I will heal them.

Those of faith who have hearts with "eyes to see and ears to hear,"
Can see and hear the vision of the Creator through intuition.
Others depend on tradition and ritual to ease their conscience.
They are in a constant cognitive struggle between the real truth
And the made-up truth, as they prefer it and pretend it to be.
In times of crisis, reality is unveiled and the world goes berserk.
The present corona virus pandemic is our wake-up call.
It is time that we open our hearts and see the light.
"For the heart of this people has grown dull,
And they barely hear with the ears, and they have closed their eyes,
Lest ever they should see with the eyes, and should hear with the ears,
And they should understand with the heart,
And should turn, and I will heal them." (Matthew 13:15)


13 April 2020

On the Road to Resurrection

In the Year of Our Lord, 2020, on the Road to Resurrection,
We tend to take for granted that which we have always had...life.
Then suddenly we realize with a sigh, that life is very fragile.
We are now paying for our vain illusions of scientific omnipotence.
The virus is a wake-up call to stop fiddling while the fever rages.
Facts, and not someone's opinion, are the tribunal of reason.
We are made righteous by our earnestness in seeking out the truth
And the honesty by which we make decisions after testing all things.
The righteous path is a balance between right brain and left,
Between "religion only" and "only science," scripture versus reason.
The righteous path is a narrow upward climb between the two.
We achieve balance by intuition after meditation, prayer, and logic.
Reason is a form of revelation, after an exodus from self.
Ears to hear and eyes to see are both gifts from the Lord.
Give unto Science the scientific, and unto Politics, the political,
And to God be the Kingdom, the Power, and Glory forever and ever.
The future can be a scary place when you face it all alone.
May the Lord accompany you on your journey to infinity and beyond.


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