15 January 2018

"Yes" or "No"

In one way or another, through births, adoptions, or immigration, America's population continuously renews itself. The participants in the political dialog die off one by one and in the meantime those who take their places arrive, some in one way and some in another. When one makes his or her first entrance into the politics of social life on whichever side of the spectrum, or changes sides, or abandons the political intercourse altogether, there is a process of adjustment and the political balance tends to be restored, almost always regressing toward a point where the median and the mean coincide...the middle of the road as it were. Through all of this a battle of words constantly rages with points, counterpoints, talking points, tweets, invectives, expletives, threats, sarcasm, criticism, and outright lies..."from people on both sides." The same dialog has been in progress for more than 240 years and by the grace of God it will continue as long as we continue to acknowledge Him.

The key to America's survival as a democracy is active participation by citizens of good will and the enemy is apathy and abdication to the one with the biggest appetite and the longest reach. Our Lord admonished us to strive for perfection (Matthew 5:8) and as the U.S. Constitution states, it was established to form a more perfect Union in order to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity. The Lord also tells us that all we need to say is simply "Yes" or "No" and anything beyond this comes from the evil one (Matthew 5:37). We need to avoid the boasting, the name calling, and the lies and get out the vote through honest debate and persuasion. To be a good political leader one must sacrifice oneself, that is to say, "humble oneself" for the good of the nation. That is what true love is; sacrifice, a mother for her child, a father for his family, a soldier, policeman, firefighter, or first responder for the duty and honor to serve their country, a president, governor, senator, congressman, or mayor for their country, state, city, or county, a teacher for their pupils, a doctor or nurse for their patients, et cetera, et cetera, and so forth. The duty to make sacrifices for peace, security, freedom, and democracy is the duty of every citizen.


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