06 January 2018

Preparing for the willy-nilly slide,

Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset.
One foot following the other,
Searching for the trickle-down
And thanking God for my daily bread.
I'm on the spiral road to infinity.
An evil impulse is tracking every move
By following my digital exhaust.
As I climb the hill of January
I look the left and slightly below
To the descending Januaries previous,
To the right and above, only clouds.
Home is wherever my heart is at peace,
But sin is crouching at every door,
Ready to jump at the first opportunity.
I keep marching, marching up the incline,
After January, the boredom of February,
And then the treacherous Ides of March.
Finally the road smooths out in April
With rain that brings the May flowers,
And Mayflowers that bring June Pilgrims.
The lazy, hazy days of mid-summer
Are a respite from the steep climb
Until I begin the willy-nilly slide.
Year after year, round and round it goes.
Where will it stop? The Lord only knows.
I fear that one day all of my desires
Will awaken within me at the same time
And hold my tattered soul for ransom.
We only think we enjoy our desires
While all the time we are their slaves.
Once I was young and now I am old,
And my desires have faded to memories.
The only desire truly worth having
Is the desire for humility and charity
Through self-sacrifice, and eternal union
With the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen!


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