29 January 2018

The Power of Truth

Hatred begins in the human heart and grows from the inside out. At first a spark of humiliation kindles a flame that that is fed by the winds of anger and imagination and goes to the lips to announce a wounded pride. From there it is either broadcast or whispered to the ears of others depending upon the courage and the outrage of the offended party. Once finding sympathetic ears to hear, the indignation strikes a chord with those who harbor similar disappointments or unrealized expectations. The flames grow into a conflagration of hatred. Then a scapegoat victim is sought in order to justify redress or revenge by the collective false righteousness of the crowd. "Crucify Him, crucify Him!," they shout, or "Lock her up, lock her up!" So, we see that when the vain and arrogant are humiliated by the truth, the Devil leaves their own dark hearts and is directed to other people to stir them up against the bearer of the truth. A person who is truly just will welcome the truth and not oppose it with anger and lies.

Truth is the great anti-satanic power because God Himself is the witness for truth. A person who is truly evangelical will always seek the truth. To tell lies in the face of God's truth is the unpardonable sin and those who lie under oath are in grave danger of placing themselves beyond forgiveness, for by doing so, they blaspheme the Holy Spirit of God. Moral conduct is essential for those who seek the truth. After all, no one can see the truth while wandering around in a perpetual state of concupiscence (animal lust). There is an old saying that after every act of  fornication you can hear the Devil laughing. The blind who deny that they are blind will never "see" anything, and the sinners who deny their sins cut themselves off from any remedy.


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